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Crystal Radio
(Crystal Radios, Crystal Set, Crystal Sets, Catswiskers, Science Fair Crystal Radios, Cub Scout Crystal Radio,and much more!)

Welcome to the "Stay Tuned" Crystal Radio Web Site
Dedicated to the preservation, experimentation, and advancement of crystal radios.
This is a  noncomercial website. In other words........We don't sell anything!

Two Headset collections for sale

Take a look. Just about every type Suundpowed Headset and handset made.
Also, many magnet headphone (collections) All for sale

How A Crystal Radio Works

How radio waves work, and how is the sound transmitted over a radio wave

"Professor Coyle" Coil Calculators  
Web Based Calculators (no need for Excel)

ebay  ebay auctions of crystal radio and sound powered equipment                       

crystal radio section

Contests and Interests

2001 Crystal Radio Building Contest

Crystal Radio DX Crystal Radio Contests
Here is a link to the web site that runs the contests each year

2004 Work Benches of the Crystal Radio "Builders"
See some of the work benches and area used to make some of these radio's.
Caution....Some benches might be disturbing!! LOL
If you have a photo of your "bench" or "Area" you could share with us,
let me know and I will post it here!
All you new builders, come on, lets see your benches!

2004 Crystal Radio DX Crystal Radios
See some of the dx rigs being used!

Crystal Radio Plans and Projects
(Crystal Radio Plans ,Circuits, Schematics and Projects)

Hundreds of Crystal Radio Plans, Circuits, and Schematics (Drawings) 
Try one of these radios out.  Some old, and some new.
Also the original Patent papers for a "Umbrella Crystal Radio from 1928

Crystal Radios for the "Beginning Builders"

The Pack 57 Buffalo Den Crystal Radio
A Cub Scout Crystal Radio Project by Tom Mohr (N9JLF)
Everything you need to know about building a crystal radio with Cub Scouts.

Simple Oatbox Crystal  Radio Quaker - Oats Radio Radio #1

Advanced Oatbox Crystal Radio - Quaker Oats Radio #2

Crystal Radio From Scratch - Quaker Oats Radio #3
Build everything from scratch ! Everything!
Coming Very Soon!
Want to see a preview? OK, but it's not done yet!

Having a little problem getting your beginners Crystal Radio to work?
Try this list of common mistake beginners have with their radios.

Simple Crystal Radio Antenna for beginner radios (or anyone)

How to wire a variable capacitor
Now includes both a simple single gang and a double (two) gang variable capacitor

What they look like and do

Mineral Used in Crystal Radios

Want a complete crystal radio kit to start with instead?
I highly recommend these kits

Crystal Radios for the "Intermediate Builders"
If it is your first radio, I highly recommend the "Beginning Builders" first.

Variometer Crystal Radio
Here is a nice Variometer Crystal Set  from the book
‘The Boy’s Book of Wireless’ by Ernest H. Robinson (1923)
Built and adapted  by John Hassell   (VK6JAH)

The "Four in one" Crystal Set
‘The Boy’s Book of Wireless’ by Ernest H. Robinson (1923)
Another radio built and adapted  by John Hassell   (VK6JAH)

Performance Sets and DX Crystal Radios
If you have a set that might fit in here, email me

The Lyonodyne 17 by Mike Tuggle - DX Crystal Radio #1
Mike's award winning DX radio, the famous "Lyonodyne"

The Baldyodyne - DX Crystal Radio #2
designed by Steve Bringhurst
Baldyodyne(TK3) Designer Steve Bringhurst
Built by Darryl Boyd

The TK-2 - DX Crystal Radio #3 
by Steve Bringhurst
Baldyodyne(TK2) Designer/Builder Steve Bringhurst.
Modified MRL® #39/Mystery Set - DX Crystal Radio #4
by Mike Tuggle
Mike has modified the MRL® #39 and Mystery Crystal Set
to come up with this new radio
He has added more info as of 18 June 04!!New Again!!

Enhanced Crystal Set Performance
Using a Beat Frequency Oscillator for Exalted Carrier Reception
by Mike Tuggle

Giant 8 foot - High Performance - Loop Crystal Set for DX
by Josh Young.
This is a must see! Lots of neat tricks!

Like to see your radio up here? email me!

None "Performance" Crystal Sets

Komsomolets Russian Crystal Radio
Stalinist Era Russian Crystal Set

Rocket Crystal Radio
Schematic of the "Rocket Radio"
Also, Turbo charge your "Rocket Radio"
Hamburg Brothers 1920's Crystal Radio

Fun Tips
Fun Radio Related Tips and Projects Page 1

Fun Radio Related Tips and Projects Page 2

Build a Basket Weave Coil Winder
Simple and Easy to Use

Build a High Performance Spider Web Coil For Your Crystal Radio
By Mike Tuggle
Build this formless high performance spider web coil.
Uses an old CDrom disk as the removable coil form

Oats Box Crystal Radio (Oatsbox)
Build A Classic Oats Box Radio
With Images of Early Oats Boxes To Dress Up Your Radio !!

Salt Box Crystal Radio   from our friends at Morton Salt
Build A Classic Salt Box Radio
With Images of Early Morton Salt Boxes To Dress Up Your Radio !!

Build a Reproduction Crystal Set Detector Stand
Pacent Model 30

Make A New Battery Look Older And More Realistic (Make a old battery)
Many new images added

Parts and Suppliers
Crystal Radio Parts Suppliers
Parts for crystal radios - diodes, air variables, wire,
xformers, ear plugs, headsets, literature, styrene
low melt alloys for mounting crystals, etc.

Crystal Radio Ebay Auctions
continuously updated
Sound Powered, Magnetic Headphones, and Misc. Crystal Radio Parts

Crystal Radio Museums

Crystal Radio Museum
Virtual museum of crystal radio sets! 

Crystal Radio Adjustable Detector Museum
Virtual museum of crystal radio adjustable detectors also called "Catswiskers"

Crystal Radio Detector Museum Semi Adjustable

Crystal Radio Detector Museum Fixed

Crystal Radio Detector Museum Tins
Virtual museum of tins and containers that crystals came in.

Mineral Used in Crystal Radios   
Virtual Mineral Museum

Reproduction Crystal Radio Equipment

Reproduction of a GECoPHONE British Crystal Radio
Beautiful radio built by Hamish  Galloway

Reproduction Pacent #30 Crystal Radio Detector Stand
by Darryl Boyd

Reproduction FADA Crystal Radio Detector Stand
by Hamish  Galloway

Items of "Crystal Radio" Interest

Crystal Radio Terminology (terms used with crystal radios)
This is a work in progress. I need a little help here!

Using a Crystal radio as a High Quality AM Audio Source
by Felix Scerri
Queensland, Australia

Home Brewed Balanced Armature Speaker
The Model 711-16  "The Gulp"

Welcome to my world... Crystal Radio Song  by Philip Miller Tate
(that's Miller Tate, two words, no hyphen)
Listen to "The Crystal Set Blues"
Certainly could go Gold!!!  (or maybe Litz!, but I'm not an expert!!)

Enhanced Crystal Set Performance
Using a Beat Frequency Oscillator for Exalted Carrier Reception
by Mike Tuggle

Mineral Used in Crystal Radios   

sound powered for crystal radios section
Sound Powered Headphone and Handset Web Pages. Sound Powered headphone are excellent for use on crystal radios

Sound Powered Headphones and Handsets Main Page (with introduction)

RCA's "U. S. Navy Sound Powered Telephones manual
rinted in the 40's for W.W.II. Theory of operation, breakdowns, drawings, and repair and maintenance

Automatic Electric Sound Powered Marine Telephone Manual

Sound Powered Elements and Specs.

Some Sound Powered Element Impedance Measurements

Inside a Sound Powered Element

Comparison Of Different Brands of Sound Powered Units

Impedance Matching Sound Powered Headphones to Crystal Radios
The "UltiMatch" by unit has been improved!
The New "UltiMatch 2" is even more versatile!
Convert your old "UltiMatch"!
New Stanley Match

Matching Transformers Used In Crystal Radios
(Data, Schmatics, and where to purchace)

Sound Powered Elements That Look Like They Went Down With the Ship

Setting Up A Set Of David Clark Headsets for Crystal Radios

Repairing a Sound Powered Element
ll new techniques and photos. This page is geared to an RCA,
but the techniques are the same for all elements

Rewinding a Set of DLR No.5 To Hibaphone
This article shows how to rewind the "bobbins" inside a set of  
DLR No.5 balanced armature headphones to increase the
impedance of the unit. By Dejan Momirov

Old Gummy Ear Pads Headphone Replacement (Decktalkers)
Replace those old smelly or "gummy" ear cushions on your decktalkers

Histories of Companies That Made Sound Powered Elements

Sound Powered Links

Sound Powered Collection
(Mine and not for sale)

Build Your Own Sound Powered Headphones Method #1
For the budget and or technically challenged.

Build Your Own Sound Powered Headphones Method #2
A little more money and time.

tube radio section
1920's Battery Radios and Transistor Plans

Tube Radio Plans ,Circuits, and Schematics
All New Tube Radio Plans Web Page.
Quite a few new radios added.
1 added 26 September 2004

Transistor (and IC's etc.) Radio Plans, Circuits, and Schematics 
This section is new and includes a VLF Receiver

Misc. Interesting Plans ,Circuits, and Schematics
If it don't fit into the other categories, you will find it here. Very interesting projects!

Antique Radio Collection (Crystal Radio and Tube radios collection)

A and B Power Supply for Tube Radios

Tube Radio Ads and Information

"UniMatch" or the New "UltiMatch 2" Radio Impedance Matching Units
Impedance Match Any Headphones to Any Radio.
Build this circuit and run some Sound Powered headphones on a battery
radio, and go for the DX!!!

misc radio stuff
If it don't fit in the other categories, this is where it goes!

Reproduction or Restored Radios and Equipment

Old Radio Ad's and Misc Items
This is where I put things that are not plans of any kind.
They just caught my interest as I went through different magazines I've purchased and donated items
Added New Ads 17 April 05

Restoring a Nathaniel Baldwin Horn Speaker

Home Brewed Balanced Armature Speaker
The Model 711-16  "The Gulp"

Fun Tips and projects Page 1

Fun Tips and projects Page 2

tools to build crystal radios

"Professor Coyle"  Web Based Calculators
by Dan Petersen  (Special Thank's To Dan for allowing eveyone to enjoy these for free!)
Stay Tuned is pleased to offer Dan Petersen's "Professor Coyle" calculators
These calculators do not require Microsoft's Excel to run. They are web based!
You can always get to these fast by going to

The following webpages were edited to HTML from the original Excel files
"Professor Coyle" Coil Calculators - (Main Page) 

"Professor Coyle" Coil Inductance Calculator (for cylinder coils)

"Professor Coyle" Coil Inductance Calculator  (for spiderweb coils)

"Professor Coyle"  Calculators - (a series of calculators)
Series Capacitance Calculator
Square Loop to Diameter Equivalence Calculator
Capacitive Reactance Calculator
Inductance Reactance Calculator
Ohm's Law Calculator
Litz Wire Chart

"Professor Coyle" - The entire set on Excel Spreadsheets (Download Only)
If you have Microsoft's Excel (or equiv.)  Then download this file and you can work off line!

Older Tools
Coil Inductance Calculator #1

Coil Inductance Calculator #2 (Old, Old Calculator)

Coil Resonant Frequency Calculator

Diode ID Color Chart
ID a diode by it's color bands, much as you would a resistor)

Resistor Color Code Reader

crystal radio website links

Crystal Radio Links Page            
A more extensive links webpage than I've had in the past list of website that are extra special!

YAESU Repair   ---  Radiocraft   New
"We service and repair HF solid state and tube amateur radio transceivers, transmitters, and receivers manufactured by Yaesu, Kenwood,  Icom, Collins, and Drake. We also service and repair all major brands and types of HF solid state and tube amplifiers. Finally we restore, repair, and align antique tube radios. We provide repair services ranging from simple maintenance tasks to major overhauls and alignment." YAESU Repair

Peebles Originals
Crystal Radio Parts & Plans
Also a message board

Dieter (DL2XM) Crystal radio and Ham website. Germany (but in english)

The Old Radio Builder    Mike Starcher's website "This site is dedicated to those who enjoy building radios and other electronic devices using parts and techniques from bygone eras." This is a great new site! Lots of projects including crystal radio stuff.

Crystal Radio Resources
One of the "Best" web sites for crystal radios!
Especially for beginners (but he has something for everyone!!)

Book "Tickling the Crystal " by Ian L. Sanders
with photography by Carl Glover
Volume 1 and Volume 2
Published by the British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS)

Birmingham, Alabama Crystal Radio Group
Great Radios!!!

Scott's Crystal Radios
For  headphones ("vintage") this is the place to go! (some for sale!!)
It's always a pleasure to do business with Scott!!

Modern Radio Laboratories®
"Exclusive Source, printing and publishing of all MRL® Handbooks
and Literature by Paul Nelson and Elmer G. Osterhoudt."
A "Must Have" Collection

Welcome to Ben Tongue's Technical Talk
Ben H. Tongue's web site. A LOT of info here!
Articles related to Crystal set design, measurement and improvement.

Gollum´s Crystal Receiver World
Crystal receivers, construction projects and plans,
old-time crystal sets, hints, crystal receiver store.

Boyd's Tin Can Engines
Try building a stirling hot air engine

Memory Lane

Take a look at our first crystal radio web site.
These pages were part of another web site having nothing to do with crystal radios. They were split off the other web site
and were the start of the present web site dedicated to crystal radios only. I added the crystal radio plans section and the
name "Stay Tuned" and "Stay Tuned" was born and on it's own.
Web site built in end of 2000. Announced open by Owen Pool on 6 Jan 2001

My first crystal radio website was off my personel website.
It is stored on the "Way Back Machine. It was first logged on the web on March of 2000.

crystal set radio wave


Crystal Radio
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