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Make Your Own Headphones
 Method #1

A Little Money and a Little Work
You Can Have Very Nice Set of Sound Powered Headphones

This headset cost me $7.00 and is not too shabby.
$2.00 for an old set of headphones that I only used the headband from (ebay)
I bought a USI handset for $5.00 (ebay). You can get them for that price if you watch.
I just landed two RCA handsets for $5.00 (ebay).
Old sock, had a hole in the toe, Just remember to wash it first! Do you smell something?????

Cut the top section with the elastic in it off. turn it inside out and start rolling from the cut end.
This is an old trick they have been using on audio music headphones for a while.


If you are careful, you can drill out the sides of the element to accept the yoke of the headband.
I have to admit, I stole this idea from Mike Tuggle.

Solder on your wires and you've got it!!

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