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Make Your Own Headphones
Method #2

A Little More Money and a Little More Work
You Can Have Very Nice Set of Sound Powered Headphones

These use a headband you can get from Scott (while supplies last!) for only $7.00 !


A set of chamois ear pads for a for HS-23 or HS-33 from Fair Radio for $6.00 per pair
(Item # M-301 4" CHAMOIS CUSHIONS)

also try one of their headphone cords

#CD-620F, molded 16"L legs & 6" cord with 2 lugs each end; for HS-30 headset. $2.00 (same page)


USI or Western Electric handsets

Scott's web page is at

Fair Radio's web page is at

Very comfortable and coupled very close to your ear!! Perfect!

Far right is original chamois pad.
I used an Exacto knife to start with and ended up with a steel burr on a drill press.
You could use a drill motor also and even a drum sander like below.
Like in Method #1, drill small holes in side of element to accept the yoke,
or put a hose clamp on the element and pre drill through it to hold the yoke like Mike Tuggle does (I think).


Sectional view of the ear pad (I know , I know,  looks terrable!). Cut away on the white dotted line.

Add headband with cords and you have a nice headphone set up!!!

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