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Crystal Radio Resources  Owen Pools websitye. You have to go here if nowwhere else!

SkyWaves  Al Klase - N3FRQ     Al Klase website. Including "crystal set design 102". A must see site. Also The SkyWaves

Short-wave Crystal-set Prototype a shortwave set.

Welcome to Ben Tongue's Technical Talk     Ben Tonque's website. "Measurement methods and actual measurements are described relating to selectivity, sensitivity, coil Q, diode parameters, audio transformer characteristics and earphone parameters. The design of a crystal set that embodies these principles is shown, along with performance measurements. Some original technical concepts and applications are presented." This is the granddaddy website for the technical minded person.

Birmingham, Alabama Crystal Radio Group (BAMA)   A premire website. Home of the DX contests. Lots of excellent information! Must see this site.

Peeble's Originals     Mike Peeble's website   Excellent website. Much info and has parts for sale.

Dave's Homemade Radios    Dave Schmarder's website.  Tons of information and radios. Dave also has a nice website store and sells parts! I recommend him!

Gollum´s Crystal Receiver World.     Gollum's website. "Crystal receivers, construction projects and plans, old-time crystal sets, hints, crystal receiver store." Lots of interesting  information here.  Has parts store. Located in Germany.

Modern Radio Laboratories®     "Exclusive Source, printing and publishing of all MRL® Handbooks and Literature by Paul Nelson and Elmer G. Osterhoudt." A "Must Have" Collection

Scott's Crystal Radios    Scott Balderston's website. Lots of information and he sell headphones! Excellent site!

New! Check it out!
The Old Radio Builder   Mike Starcher's website  "This site is dedicated to those who enjoy building radios and other electronic devices using parts and techniques from bygone eras." This is a great new site! Lots of projects including crystal radio stuff.

"Tickling the Crystal " by Ian L. Sanders     with photography by Carl Glover.  Volume 1 and Volume 2
Published by the British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS)

The South East Queensland Group Website      This is the "mother site" for the "Mystery Crystal Radio". A must build radio.

Bizarre Stuff Website     A great site just to browse. Has a few crystal radios. The crystal radio page   &   Foxhole radio crystal radio circuits     Charles Wenzel's website. Facinating projects with some simple crystal radios. Very interisting.

Experimental Short-wave "Mystery"    Ken Harthun's website.  Short wave "Mystery" crystal set.

MAGNETIC DETECTOR      Marconi type detector.

ARCHIVES OF PY3HF) In Portuguese. Still very interesting to browse.

Low Technology     Andrew R. Mitz's website. FM Crystal radio article!

Jim's Crystal Radio Page     Jim Frederick's website.

My Crystal Radio Page    Adam Vaughn's webstie

Rook Coils for Crystal Radios     Learn how to build a "Rook" Coil. Several radio sets also.

The Brian Hawes WEB Page
     Brian Hawes' website. Some very interesting information! A must read website.

Welcome to my world...     Sorry,  AOL is off line and I do not know the new link yet.
Philip Miller Tate's website. Excellent information. You have to go listen to his song "Crystal Set Blues".     Paul Shafer's website.


Crystal Radios and other Antique Radio Stuff      Dan Peterson's website. Excellent crystal radio information here.

Crystal Radio with Loop Antenna      Steve Fry's website. "Make a working portable AM radio without batteries". Loop crystal radio.

A D V E N T U R E S   in   C Y B E R S O U N D     Has two radio on their website   
    A 'Sensitive' Crystal Radio     A 'Selective' Razor Blade Crystal Radio

Crystal receivers     Netherlands website.

The VE7SL Radio Notebook Steve Mcdonald's site. Crystal Radio DXing!

Crystal Sets - an enduring miracle     Very nice information on how they work.

Improvement of the “Mystery” Crystal Radio     Ken Harthun's website. The improvement of the "Mystery Set".

Ian Purdie's Amateur Radio Tutorial Pages     Ian Purdie's website.  "A crystal radio set for Dad's Mum's and beginners". Basic crystal radio plans

Simply Symmetry Crystal Radio for Casual Listening   More Tom Polk website

CRYSTAL RADIO    Duggee's website

SHORTWAVE CRYSTAL RADIO SET   Patrick Smith's website (GW0VMR) Short wave crystal sets.

Fourth Graders' Do-It-Yourself Crystal Radios     Tom Polk article on a class project.


A Lyonodyne style Crystal Radio    Lou's website.

How to make a simple radio set    Article on a set. Very nice information.

Foxhole Radios     Don Adamson's website. Foxhole radio information.       Articles. More interestionf pages!

How to Rejuvenate your Headphones      Nice article on recharging your old heaphpone magnets.

XTALSET    Nice little set.

Science Toys Chapter 4: Radio   

H. P. Friedrichs (AC7ZL) Homepage  "Building the CDROM Radio" Also has a "from scratch" earphone.

A Simple Crystal AM Radio that Needs No Batteries     Rick Andersen's website. Simple crystal radio set.

Crystal Radio Receiver    This is very very simple radio. It screws together.

Boyd's Tin Can Engines      Try building a stirling hot air engine 

Crystal Radio
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