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New "Old Looking" Batteries

New Eveready Energizer industrial ignition battery       New Eveready Energizer industrial ignition battery with label wrapper from old style Energizer

Make a new battery look old.
This is easy to do these days if you have a computer and a color printer.
Just purchace a 1 1/2 volt alkaline "Energizer" battery from your local Radio Shack store.
Most of the RS stores carry this battery. If not, try your local hardware store.

Down load the
Vintage Eveready battery wrapper

Open it with Windows Paint program (included with most of the Windows operating system programs)
and print it to your color printer. It should print out 6" x 8.25"

Cut it out, but leave one end uncut so you can roll the image back over .
Like the image below.

I use spray on contact cement, but you can use anything that works for you.

Here is another old label
Vintage Eveready Columbia gray-label battery wrapper
for the image below

Still More!!
The Three Battery Images Below Were
Donated by Bob Audlee

Vintage old style Ray-O-Vac battery wrapper label

Download the Ray-O-Vac Vintage Battery wrapper for Image Above

Just a look at what Bob had to go throught to get a good image.
A lot of work!!


Vintage old style OK 4/12 volt Radio Battery wrapper label
Download the Vintage OK 4 1/2 volt Radio Battery wrapper for Image Above

Vintage old style Regency 22 1/2 volt Radio Battery wrapper label
Download the Vintage Regency 22 1/2 volt Battery wrapper for Image Above

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