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Stalinist Era Russian Crystal Set
(name is kinda period Soviet equiv of "Boy Scout")

Set Owned by Steve Bringhurst

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Covering the 2000-250 meters in five ranges

"This set has the diode hard-wired internally for the district where it was sold for use, in this case the long-wave range. Otherwise it was wired into a standard period Russian wall plug, shown in the pix. The position of that plug on the set's panel and the antenna point selected determined the frequency range of reception from 5 ranges, 2 lo-long-wave and 3 lo-mid/mid-wave. The detector position selected low-low or lo-mid-mid-range. The point marked "3" was earthing ground. The 2 terminal pairs at the bottom marked "T" were for the headsets, piezo type recommended. For standard hi-Z magnetic headsets, a shunting capacitor of 1000 pF was recommended across the headset terminals. This set reputedly won an award of 50,000 Rubles for it's designer for the best & most elegant method to use the new sealed diode in a commercial radio. We know them as Germanium diodes."
Steve Bringhurst

Komsomolets Literature
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Front View
Moulded bakelite case

Laying Side By Side With a Heathkit CR-1 For Reference

Inside View
Permeability slug tuning.


Crystal Radio
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