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Antique Crystal Radios and Tube Radios
From My Collection

Westinghouse Aeriola Sr.
One Tube Radio


1922 to 1924
Big brother to the Aeriola Jr. crystal set.
On December 1922 Westinghouse produced its second consumer radio, which incorporated valves (vacuum tubes).
The Aeriola Sr has one valve, uses dry batteries for power and sold for around $60 with headphones without batteries.
Westinghouse sold its line through Radio Corporation of America (RCA) until 1930.

Dimensions: 7 in. x 8.5 in. x 7.25 in.
Weights: 6 lbs;
Shipping weight: 12 lbs.

Click Here for a copy of the circuit

Hamburg Brother
Crystal Radio

Built by Hamburg Brothers of Pittsburgh PA.
The company was started by Elmer "EA" Hamburg in 1920 and is still in existence today.
The double slider, originally sold for $2.50 in the mid 1920's

Lemco Equipment
Crystal Radio



Lemco Model 340 built by Lemco of San Francisco, California.
Built in 1922

RCA Radiola III
Two Tube Radio



Built in or around 1924 by RCA.

From the Radiola III owner's manual:
The RADIOLA III is a high grade regenerative radio receiving set especially designed for broadcasting reception.
It uses two WD-11 Radiotrons which are arranged to operate as a detector and audio amplifier.

Tuning Range: 400 kHz - 1540 kHz (750m - 195m) via an array of antenna terminals.
Size: 11.5"L x 6.5"W x 5"H.

Click here for a copy of the circuit
Click here for a copy of the circuit

RCA Radiola IIIA
Four Tube Radio



Built in or around 1924 by RCA.
It uses four WD-11 Tubes. This radio is the same as the right side of the  RCA Radiola III radio above.
In fact it is the same. A balanced amp is added (left side) so it could drive a horn speaker.
This radio is new and was never used and was found in storage
with other items from a old radio repair shop in Concord, California.
I also have the original box it came in.
Tuning Range: 400 kHz - 1540 kHz (750m - 195m) via an array of antenna terminals.


Hombrew Loose Coupler Crystal Radio

Home made loose coupler probably built sometime in the 1920's.
It was found in a barn in Ohio by the person I bought it from in 1999.
It had a Pacent model 30 detector with it also. You can see the detector at

Atwater Kent
Model 20 Compact


Another project waiting in the wings.

Hombrew Crystal Radio


Another homemade crystal set probably made in the 1920's also.
I know nothing of it other than it is a mess!
I intend to restore it to working condition.

Crystal Radio
Not Antique, about 1961 to 1964

This is the first crystal set I ever owned on my own, and I like to see it every once in a while!!!
(about 1963)

Crystal Radio
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