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  Headsets, Handsets, and Elements used for crystal radio sets

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(Radio Corporation of America)
US Navy "Deck Talkers"
Headset MI-2454-B (newer model)
MI-2045-E on far right photo only (older "Big Can" model)

(Radio Corporation of America)
Hand Set
Handset MI-2040-A
SPEC. R17T23


Stromberg Carlson
US Navy "Deck Talkers"
Type H200/U  # 702019-375  (left and center photos)
Older style on right

Stromberg Carlson Handset
Type A500, H203/U


U S Instrument (USI)
US Navy "Deck Talkers"

U S Instrument (USI) Handset
A560 (with push button), A577 (without push button)


Various makers
Landers Fray& Clark, Crown Controls Corp., Yankee Telecom Labs inc.,
Lionel (yes the model train company), and many others


Dynalec Corporation
Headset same as Stromberg Carlson (except markings)

No Photos Yet

ISC Telephonics


The Wheeler Insulated Wire Company Inc.


Western Electric Company Headset
(Two left photos)  D173465 (on Mic), D173463 (on earphone pads), D173314 (on earphone)
(Third photo from left)  D173312, Type O, U S Navy "Deck Talker" type
(Far right photo)    U S Navy "Deck Talker" type, D173014 (on ear pieces), D173017 (on headband)

Western Electric Company Handset
On left  D173009, Type L, SGS (65)26d
On right M1 handset from submarine


Automatic Electric Company Headset
U S Navy "Deck Talker" type R17T23 (int)

Automatic Electric Company Handset


This company is form England.
England and Australia used balanced armature or sound powered units on ships also.
Two distint models (looks are the same) AP12501 (Australia), AP12591(England)
Both of these models may have been used in both England and Australia


David Clark Company Inc.
Model H5090, For full listing of models Click Here
For parts list Click Here
Elements for above headset run about $85.90 each new (elements only)


Sound Powered Communications Corporation
Left and center are model SPT-500 SP  on far right model SPT-125 S
They also sell a headset which is made by David Clark

Inside a Sound Powered Element
Drawings and photos of the "insides" of elements!!
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of sound powered units
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sound powered headsets to crystal sets using transformers
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of the companies who made (or make) sound powered units
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"Deck Talkers"
Time Magazine ad August 7, 1944  page 14
finder Owen Pool

to web site that sell sound powered items
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Additional Information On Sound Powered Units

by Al Klase
(go to "crystal sets" then "Sound-Powered Telephone Spotter's Guide ")


by Alan Klase

Ben Tongue's web page
For more information on how to match sound powereds to a transformer.
Also check out his "Home" page (link at bottom of page)

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This photo has nothing to do with SP units, but it is
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I like to see it every once in a while!!!
(about 1963)

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