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Reproduction Of A
British Made Crystal Radio

By Hamish Galloway
(Builder and Author)

Completed reconstruction of a "Gecophone" crystal set in a genuine empty "Gecophone"box.  (Reproduction on left, original on right)

All dimensions and a gazillion hi-res photos were sent to me by 'cyberbuddies' on the 'net - one kind fellow even sent me some sheet mica to build the capacitor!

Both cabinets are "original" and not reproductions.

I made 99.9% of the parts for it - winding the variometer coils, turning all the sockets for plugins of the headphones, aerial, etc, reproduced the label (and a complete manual!), engraved the panel, etc.   Reproduction manual above

"A little "Unimat" lathe set up to cut the slot in the "Earth" pin".

"Closeup of partially finished detector".

After I wound the coils (used DCC wire salvaged from old coils -different colors) I soaked them in shellac - that's the 'hung out to dry' picture.

The panel was made from that laminated plastic which nameplates are engraved from.   It was too thin, so I 'crazy glued' some other black plastic to bring it up to thickness.

There are 2 capacitors used in the set.  I made the tubular one but 'cheated' on the flat one - it was robbed from an Atwater Kent Model 20 (I also tinker with old tube radios).

Add a pair of  GEC Headphone and the Crystal Radio is complete.

I do have several excellent reproductions of 'inside lid' labels now, thanks to 'cyberbuddies' and with lots of help from Photoshop :-)


Currently, I am hoping to do the same with two other empty boxes I have - a "Revephone" and a "BTH Bijou".

Hamish Galloway

The intention of this article is not to give details so one can build this radio, but istead to show you what creativity can do if applied to crystal radios. Please do not email for detailed plans for this radio.

If you have a "reproduction" item relating to Crystal Radios or Tube Radios and would like to present it on a page,  please email me.

Crystal Radio
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