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Pacent Detector Stand Number 30
Original and Reproduction

Original on left  -- Reproduction on right
Original dimensions
Base (Bakelite) 1/4" thick x 2" dia.
Top (Bakelite) 3/16" thick x 1 5/16"
Glass 1 1/16" dia. x 1 1/16" high x 1/16" thick (one inch and one sixteenth x one inch and one sixteenth)

Base on reproduction was made of 1/4" thick black plastic. I used a 2 3/16" hole saw with the center drill bit removed so as to not make too large of a hole in the center of the plastic. You must do this on a drill press where you can clamp the plastic sheet down. Sanded and shaped and finished with #000 steel wool to put the satin finish on the plastic so it looks like Bakelite. I got fancy and cut the groove that the glass sits in with a 1" hole saw, but this is not necessary.

Under the base is two strips of brass that are set into a slot. I used a router to cut in these slots, but a drill press can make a set of shallow holes close (even overlapping) enough that you can clean it up with a razor knife if careful.


Under the top of the detector is similar to the top of the base. I used a 1 7/16 hole saw with the center drill bit still in it. This hole will be drilled out larger anyway. I used a 1" hole saw to cut the groove for the glass to sit in, again this is not necessary your glass will sit on the plastic just fine.

Detector boom and hold down just takes a little ingenuity. Depends on the parts you can get. All of the brass parts were made from materials that were bought from Orchard Hardware. Brass tubing (hobby type), brass hold down from flat stock (hobby type), brass ball came from electrical dept. with the lamps. Glass was from an old test tube (large) but one can be bought from Tap Plastic made from 1" plastic tubing. Works just as well.

A little time and patience and it can be made to look just like the original! Take it slow and have fun!

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