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Restoring Ear Cushions on most Decktalkers"

Tired of those old smelly or "gummy ear pads on your decktalker headphones?

Replacing or "restoring" those old "decktalker" headphone ear pad or cusions are a snap. There are two ways to "fix them up". One is restoring them to almost new condition using materials that look and feel just like the original ones. The second way is to replace the pads with a moder pad which is much softer on the ears and head.

#1 Restoring To Almost Original

If you purchace a set of ear cusions for a set of HB-7 earphones, they can be altered to look identical to the decktalker ear pads. I suspect they were all made the same size during World War II to help save time or money.

They can be purchaced all over the internet, but here is where I got my last set

Warbird Parts and Memorabilia
(sellers of parts for old military aircraft)
Here is the parts page it is on

B-93       Mk -41 rubber cushions, used on H-B7 headbands with ANB-H1 receivers & R-14 receivers, brand new      $ 5 pair

HB-7 Headphone Ear Cusion
Left Photo - soft side of cusion or "ear side"
Center Photo - side of ear cusion
Right Photo - Hard rubber side of cusion or back of cusion

View of side of HB-7 cusion showing the "seam" or the two parts "fused" togeather.

By taking a single edge razor blade, you can cut the two side apart. The softer side is the side we are after. After seperating the two sides, this soft side is exactly the same as our old decktalker pads were. Just clean up the the plastic (or metal depending on the brand of decktalkers) housings and use contact glue to glue the new set back on.

New pads installed in a USI decktalker "cap"
This trick will work just as good in RCA's, USI's, Automatic Electric ect. Except Western Electrics (different style)

#2 Method "NICE AND SOFT"
Your "gummy" ear pads can also be replaced with a more modern style pad. I buy replacement Koss ear pads for the model  R10 sterio headphones sets.

You can buy them  on the internet from Koss website at

Click on “Customer Service”

Then click on “Ear Cushions”

On the bottom of that page click on “next Page”

Click on R10 "put in shopping cart"

click “check out”

R - 10 - Ear Cushions at $5.00 a set

Just follow the directions as you go, it is really easy.

KOSS Model R10 Headphone Ear Pads

Just contact cement them on just like the above method. This is the softest way to go!
But not a "restored" look (if your into that).

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