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Crystal Radio Parts Suppliers

Peebles Originals (I Highly recommend these kits)
Radio Kits

Elmer Dude
Radio Kits 

Borden Radio Company    

Dan's Small Parts and Kits

Diodes, Variable Capacitors, Ear Plugs, Headsets, etc.

Peebles Originals

Their ebay store items
Variable Capacitors
Ceramic Rotary Switches

Scott's Crystal Radios
(Also Headphones) 

Dan's Small Parts and Kits

Computer Controlled Automation Inc.
(Diodes, Ceramic Ear plugs, Variable Capacitors) 

CWS Bytemark (ferrites)
Fair Radio Supplies (xformers, caps, electronic parts)   

Ocean State Electronics

Oren Elliot Products (very nice caps)

Dave's Homemade Crystal Radio's

Rainer Steinfuehr. Publications & parts (German Outfit)

The Old Model Company (very nice binding posts)

Borden Radio Company

Dick Smith Electronics (Australia)

Allied Electronics

Play Things of the Past   


Litz Wire 

Kerrigan Lewis Wire Products
No web presence yet
This is the company most people use to buy Litz, very hobby user friendly
Kerrigan Lewis Wire Products
4421 West Rice Street
Chicago, Illinois    60651   USA
Tel:   (773) 772 7208
Fax:  (773) 772 3083
WireTronic Inc.

New England Electric Wire Corporation  

MWS Wire Industries  

Dalian Fuji Magnet Wire and Electrical Co., Ltd.  

Cooner Wire  

Bay Associates  

Surplus Sales of Nebraska   

Standard Magnet, and Covered Wire

WireTronic Inc.  

MWS Wire Industries  

Paramount Wire Co.  


World Wide Wire  

RDS Wire & Cable  

Dalian Fuji Magnet Wire and Electrical Co., Ltd.  

Cooner Wire  

Bay Associates


Fair Radio Supplies (xformers, caps, electronic parts)

Bogen Communications

Ocean State Electronics

Mouser Electronics

Bogen T725 xformers can be bought at

Electronics Outfitter $4.06 ea. No min. order

Lashen Electronics $4.69 ea. (must buy 16 at a time)

Consolidated Electronics $5.61 ea. No min. order

Mar Vac $6.00 ea. No min. order

Modern Radio Labs $7.50 ea. No min. order

Dave’s Homemade Crystal Radio Parts $8.00 ea.

Paging Systems Equipment $10.59 ea. No min. order

A-I Consolidated, Inc. $11.99 ea. No min. order 

Styrene Plastics
For Coil Forming, Various suppliers
These items can be bought at your local hobby store also
Evergreen Scale Models (Plastic Stock)
Evergreen Page 1
Evergreen Scale Models (Plastic Stock)
Plastruct, Inc. - Home
Plastruct, Inc. - Online Product Detail
Plastruct line page
MTM - Styrene Plastic

Plastruct line page

Genova Products 

Low Melting Alloys
used in mounting Galena etc.

Look under the "Resin,Wood,Metal,Plastic section"

(type in "cerro" in their search box)


Borden Radio Company

Modern Radio Laboratories®

Crystal Radio
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