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Basketweave Coil Winder

Start with a layout on a sheet of paper.

Layout on a sheet of paper a 6" circle with a compass.
Use the compass to devide the circle into 13 equal apaces

Transfer the layout to the wood. Make a larger circle (7") around it.
That is where you will cut.

Make another 7" circle layout.

Cut the two circles out.

Clamp them togeather with some glue in between, and put a couple of flathead screws in to hold.
Make the screws flush or below the surface.

You can sand them down to make them even if you like, but it is not nessasary.

Drill out the 1/8" holes, but don't go all the way through.
I used a drill press, but if you are very careful you can use a hand drill.
It is very important that the holes be straight into the wood.



Drill out the center to clear the bolt you are using (3/8" fine thread bolt).

I used a bronze bearing, but it is not nessasary.

Drill out your base board to clear the bolts you are using.

Place bolt (3/8" x 2 1/2" fine thread) in base, then a fender washer, then the wheel, then another fender washer on top of the wheel,
followed by a locking nut. You can tighten up the bolt untill the wheels just "drags" a little, not too much!

The wire spindle is just a bolt and a nut on the top side.
I eliminated the rubber washer shown above. Just didn't need it.

I put a couple of rubber feet on all four corners of the bottom to clear the bolt heads underneath.
This way it won't rock on the table. You could use wood block just as easy.

Insert the 1/8 fiberglass rods in and you are complete.There are a couple of improvements I made such as
#1 On top of the spool of wire I placed a fender washer, a spring, and a knob to put tension on the wire spool so it won't birdcase or explode.
#2  I put staples in the side of the coil winder wheel to start the wire in.

After you get to where you think is enough turns, I put my meter on the coil and take a reading to see where I am.

Move the coil up on the fiberglass rods so you can tie it with waxed dental floss or you can hot glue it.
After the coil is secured, pull the rods up out of the wood to release the coil from the winder.
The fiberglass rods should be replaced with 1/8" styrene tubes. This will help keep the Q higher on your coil.
This can be done by just pushing the fiberglass rods out with the styrene tubes.
After you are done, you can straighten the windings up. That will also help the Q.


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