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Headsets, Handsets, and Elements used for crystal radio sets

If you are new to Sound Powered,  I would highly recommend you read this!

Introduction to Sound Powered Units Part 1
What the heck are they?
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Introduction to Sound Powered Units Part 2
What makes a "Sound Powered" element more sensitive than
a old style "Balanced Armature" element or a set of "Magnetic Headphones"?

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RCA's  "U. S. Navy Sound Powered Telephones" manual
Printed in the 40's for WWII
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Theory of operation, breakdowns, drawings, and repair and maintenance

(Radio Corporation of America)
US Navy "Deck Talkers"

"Big Cans"
MI-2045-E (older model)



"Small Cans"
MI-2454-B (newer model)



A "different" style RCA, very uncommon

Notice similarity to Stromberg Carlson and Dynalec

(Radio Corporation of America)
Hand Set

Handset MI-2040-A
SPEC. R17T23

RCA Victor
(Radio Corporation of America)
Hand Set

(Right) Handset MI-22151-E & (Left) MI-22151-A
Made in Canada

New ! July 29th
Check out the "Elements" page also New!

Stromberg Carlson
US Navy "Deck Talkers"

Type H200/U # 702019-375  (left and center photos)
Older style on right

Stromberg Carlson Handset

All Handsets look basically the same
They are basically a USI handset, in fact, most of them have USI elements inside them.

Type A500, H203/U (left)
Type A237 (right) also known as 333S3

U S Instrument (USI)
US Navy "Deck Talkers"

Left to Right
Model #A-260 UA1614 (older model)
Type H200/U  # 702019-375 (same as Stromberg Carlson)
Model #A260 (newer model)

U S Instrument (USI) Handset

A560 (top left), A577 (top right), A257 (bottom), A333 (not shown, same as A560, top left)

Western Electric Company Headset

(Two left photos)  D173465 (on Mic), D173463 (on earphone pads), D173314 (on earphone)
(Third photo from left)  D173312, Type O, U S Navy "Deck Talker" type
(Forth photo from left)    U S Navy "Deck Talker" type, D173014 (on ear pieces), D173017 (on headband)
(Far right photo)   U S Navy "Deck Talker" with throat mic for heavy noise areas

Western Electric Company Handset

On left  D173009, Type L, SGS (65)26d
On right M1 handset from submarine

D173009 Handset in original carrier

Automatic Electric Company Headset

Automatic Electric Sound Powered Marine Telephones manual
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Type R17T23 (int) on Left      and       U S Navy Type O on Right

Old Style Decktalkers (no numbers)  NEW!

Automatic Electric Company Handset



DLR  No5   S
Commonly known as DLR5's

These are British military surplus headphones.
Check out "Element Specs." and "Inside Elements" and "Comparison" sections for more information.



Various makers
Landers Fray& Clark, Crown Controls Corp., Yankee Telecom Labs inc.,
Lionel (yes the model train company), and many others

Dynalec Corporation

Headset same as Stromberg Carlson (except markings)
Older Dynalec's have the same elements as USI or Stromberg Carlson.



This company is form England.
England and Australia used balanced armature or sound powered units on ships also.
Two distinct models (looks are the same) AP12501 (Australia), AP12591(England)
Both of these models may have been used in both England and Australia

AP 32032
(CASE AP 12633)
This is the heaviest Handset of all of them. Right at 2 lbs.
Note the "studs" on the side. Must be for strapping onto the operator.


Just the Ear or reciever is a"Balanced Armature" or "Controlled - Reluctance Transducer" as they called it.
This is the same company that makes Mics and phono cartridges still today
They longer making handsets but can still be found at the internet


The Wheeler Insulated Wire Company Inc.

David Clark Company Inc.

Model H5010, H5020, H5030, H5040, H5042, H5090

For parts list or wiring diagram go to
and pick your model. At the bottom of the page click on "view parts list", or "view electrical diagram"

Elements for above headset run about $85.90 each new (elements only)

Setting Up A Set Of David Clark Headsets Click Here

Sound Powered Communications Corporation

Left and center are model SPT-500 SP  on far right model SPT-125 S
They also sell a headset which is made by David Clark

They also bought out Wheeler

Telephonics Corporation

Type SA-7C

 Hose - McCann

Still suppling to the Navy and can be found at  on the internet

Mine Safety Appliances

Still in Buisness and can be found at the internet

Generic    TS10P

Usually used by the Army

Echo/ Nobelphone


Control Instruments Company


Anchor Manufacturing Company


Manchester NH






London, England

H.C. Electrics




These are not military hardware, but toys sold in the 50's and 60's.
Sound Powered Walkie Talkies



New !
(That is the brand name)


The "Big Cans"

Left to Right
RCA  MI-2045-E
Western Electric D173014
Automatic Electric R17T23
United States Instruments (USI) A-260 UA1614
Stromberg Carlson 702019-375

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Elements and Specs.
Photos of elements inside of the units above
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For Some Impedance Measurements
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NEW ! Info added

Inside a Sound Powered Element
Drawings and photos of the "insides" of elements!!
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Sound Powered units
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Sound Powered headsets to crystal sets using transformers
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Repair a set of Sound Powered RCA elements?

Well here it is! Please be careful and get help!
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Tired of those old "gummy" or smelly ear pads on your decktalkers?
Restore them or replace them

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of the
Companies who made (or make) sound powered units
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Time Magazine ad August 7, 1944  page 14
finder Owen Pool

1943 Western Electric Ad
U.S. Merchant Marines

May 21, 1945
Pacific Bell Ad, Life Magazine
PT Boats

September 1944
Life Magazine Ad

New !

Western Electric Ad
April 1943

New !


GI Joe

See the Decktalker on the right side just over the man.

Navy Petty Officer's Telecomm Patch

Ebay Auctions of Sound Powered Items
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Stay Tuned Crystal Radio Web Site
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Additional Information On Sound Powered Units

by Al Klase
(go to "crystal sets" then "Sound-Powered Telephone Spotter's Guide ")


by Alan Klase

Ben Tongue's web page
For more information on how to match sound powered to a transformer.
Also check out his "Home" page (link at bottom of page)


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This photo has nothing to do with SP units, but it is
the first crystal set I ever owned on my own, and
I like to see it every once in a while!!!
(about 1963)

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